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Through the years, there have been many changes in the electrical industry and Donald J. Hickey & Associates has evolved to meet the changing needs of its manufacturers and customers. We believe the company has remained in the forefront of the industry as a result of our sound business philosophies. These principals are summarized as follows:


  • Setting aggressive annual sales goals for each manufacturer and customer, developing detailed business plans and monitoring performance against the sales goal to ensure the success of our manufacturers and distributor partners.


  • Creating end user demand for our manufacturer’s products to help support our stocking distributor’s efforts.


  • Investing earnings into the company to employ an experienced, motivated sales force, that exceeds the expectations of our manufacturers and customers.


We believe these philosophies have been of benefit not only to us, but also to our manufacturer principals.

Brian Hickey - CPMR


Mike C. Hickey

V.P. Sales

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Jim Borland

Outside Sales

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Inside Sales

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Inside Sales

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